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Yamaha FG-335 Acoustic Guitar Repair

This very well loved Yamaha FG-335 came into the workshop in need of some major repair work.

Apart from a small dent and crack in the side of the body, the whole sound box was actually in very good condition considering it’s age.
All the character dents of over 30 years of use weren’t going to be touched, so no full refinishing was going to happen.

The major repair work was focused on the guitars fretboard.

With nearly thirty worn-in dents on the fretboard it was very close to needing to be completely replaced. Apart from all the dents it was a lovely piece of rosewood, so instead of replacing it we opted to try a different repair technique.

Each dent was sliced with a sharp blade along the grain then cut at an angle to allow the fibre to raise. The void was then packed with rosewood dust. This resulted in a web-like framework which contained wood fibres from the playing surface right down to the bottom of the dent.

The whole area was then flushed with thin superglue and left to cure. Once the board was sanded back to it’s original radius and treated with three coats of lemon oil, the repair was pretty much unnoticeable.

Once new tuners and a new nut were fitted, the guitar was back to it’s best again.