Sustainiac Aux-2 Board



The Aux boards connect to the main circuit boards by pre-wired harnesses. This eliminates much installation labour. It also makes the end product more consistent, and greatly reduces the chance that uncontrolled squealing (oscillation) or “grunge” in the guitar signal due to crosstalk from certain Sustainiac wires to the guitar signal wires. In fact we think this will make the typical Sustainiac installation so much easier for customers that this will become the most popular installation option.

The Aux 2 board is mounted horizontally to the cavity wall. It takes up more room in the cavity than the Aux-TT board. It has been used for years in various Schecter models.

The Aux 2 board is normally used in guitars that have fairly big control cavities. For OEM factories installations this isn’t a problem, as the designer simply make the control cavity to fit the extra board. If your control cavity is a bit tight, then you may want to consider the Aux-RG to the Aux-2 for retrofit installations.

The Aux-2 board dimensions are:

1.85 in. (47mm) wide x 1.18 in. (30mm) tall. The board requires a 1.35 in. (35mm) cavity depth.  The toggle switches are spaced 1.00 in. (25.4mm) apart and require 0.28 in. (7mm) holes.


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