Custom Wiring

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Custom Wiring – Unlock the potential of your guitar.

£20.00 ex VAT
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£90.00 ex VAT

With the massive variation of custom wiring options out there, it can sometimes get overwhelming. Any questions, from “which volume pot do I replace my old one with?”, to “which Piezo bridge will work for my guitar?” can have a multitude of possible answers.

Adding custom wiring options into the mix and things can get complicated very quickly. “Which wiring options can I use with my pickups?”, “Which pickups do I need for this particular wiring option?”, “How do I mix different pickup brands together in this complicated wiring loom?” “Can I add coil split?”, “Can I add coil tap?”, “What’s the difference anyway??”

With every new innovation in switching or pickup technology, that same questions come up. Can a new piece of technology work with what I’ve already got? Will it work in my guitar? etc etc.

At PCJ Custom Guitars, we’ll try and answer those questions for you. We can provide help for pretty much any question. If we don’t know, we’ll go and find out! There’s no point in pretending to know the answer, just to make a sale or sound like you know what you’re talking about. It’s better for everyone if we can actually provide you with the correct information.

While booking customer’s guitars into our workshop is totally possible, we also know that there is a lot of knowledge out there and customers sometimes are quite happy to wiring something together once they can double check with someone that their plan will work. This is where we come in.

We offer a few levels of service with our Custom Wiring options;

Wiring Schematic – after a brief consultation, either over the phone or via email, we can figure out a wiring schematic that will accomplish your goals. We can then send this to you with a full list of components for you to wiring the looms up yourself.

Wiring Kits – one step up from this is for us to provide all the parts for you. You still get the same wiring schematic, but you now also receive all the parts needed.

Wiring Loom – If you’re not 100% confident in your wiring skills, then we can assemble the wiring loom for you. The loom will be provided on a board in the control layout of your guitar. All you should have to is fit the components into your guitar, wire in the pickups,(and maybe the jack socket) and you’re done. These looms will be continuity tested before they leave and any additional wiring, like the pickup wire positions, will be labeled.

If you would like to discuss any wiring ideas, please email us at [email protected] and we can go through your plan.


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