Welcome to PCJ Custom Guitars

New Beginnings...

Since opening PCJ Custom Guitars in 2009, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great people, meeting hundreds of new customers and being able to help them get the most out of their instruments. 2020 hit us hard, resulting in us closing for over a year.

PCJ Custom Guitars is now back! With a fresh website, there is a new focus on selling selected parts, with all the install details you’d need. Repairs and modifications are still being offered. Please check out our services section above, along with our Shop.

So things are kind of the same, but different…

We’ve also been busy building a totally new site. Infinity Guitar Works is a technical reference blog site. Focusing more on the technical details of parts, and wiring mods, along with setup tips, hardware installation guides, and a whole lot more.

Spreading our wings...

We’ve created a technical reference blog site to go deeper into the more technical aspects of guitar repairs and modifications.

Recent Products

Check out some of our latest products

Sustainiac Stealth PRO

Experience infinite sustain with the Sustainiac Stealth Pro system in your guitar…

Guitar and Amplifier Repairs

The foundation of PCJ Custom Guitars has always been focused on guitar repair. In the past 10 years, we have helped well over a thousand customers either get their instruments back into working order or help upgrade them to be exactly what the customer wants. 

This naturally leads to amplifier repairs as well. With a background in electronics, and working on various guitar wiring projects, learning the ins and outs of various amplifier repairs was an obvious extension of the business. Everything from loose components and dry solder joints you full rebuilds of vintage amplifiers. PCJ Custom Guitars is happy to look at any amplifier repair problem you might have.

Custom Wiring

Here at PCJ Custom Guitars, we offer a range of different customer wiring options. All of the wiring schematics detailed on our sister site,  Infinity Guitar Works can be purchased here in either kit form or as a fully assembled loom. 

Our Happy Customers

Just some of the messages we receive from our PCJ Custom Guitars customers …

” Had Paul do a Sustainiac install on 2 of my guitars and I’ve got to say that the attention to detail, the after care and the whole service was second to none.
An amazingly talented bloke who genuinely cares about your guitar and you.
Highly recommended to anyone who is thinking of having their instrument tinkered with!
5 stars all the way…. Thank you “


Burgess Hill

I’ve had five instruments modified by Paul and every one has been completely transformed.

From bridge swaps, new pickups to just pure electrical wizardry, they’ve completely blown me away.

I will not send my gear anywhere else “



Paul is my go-to tech. PCJ Custom Guitars is the first place I send my new gear to be checked over,
no matter what crazy wiring ideas I come up with,
whatever battered guitar I take to be fixed, he can get it done.

Need a job done? Paul is your man! ”



” Thank you for the repair of my Marshall TSL122

Its been a few week now since you serviced / repaired my amp
and it sounds fantastic just like it should.

I was extremely impressed with your service, attention to detail and your obvious
in-depth technical knowledge of valve amps and how to get the best out of them.

I will definitely be calling on you again “


West Byfleet

” After spending some more time with the ol’ axe, I really feel I need to extend another huge thank you for your work on my Suhr!

I’m pretty sure that neck pickup has never sounded so good!

All the noises are so inspiring, I’m really happy that it’s now even more the ‘do anything’ guitar I bought it to be! “



” My Peavey 5150 Mk1 had lost almost all of it’s volume, some of the tubes weren’t lighting up with some pots being temperamental at best.

I found PCJ Custom Guitars via Facebook and Paul reworked the amp from scratch, cleaned it up and rectified everything,
it has turned the amp into a beast and it had never sounded as good (or as loud) just wanted to say thanks for the great service and updates throughout, first class! “