Neck Bolt Upgrade Kit

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Our Neck Bolt Upgrade Kit provides your electric guitar with a stronger connection between your neck and body than is possible with traditional wood screws

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Our new Neck Bolt Upgrade Kit provides your bolt-on electric guitar with a much stronger connection between your neck and body than is possible with traditional wood screws.

Particularly useful for guitars where the truss rod is adjusted at the heel. Over time, removing and refitting wood screws into your guitar neck will slowly widen and damage the screw holes. This will eventually require plugging and redrilling. With the Neck Bolt Upgrade Kit, you get a big increase in mechanical advantage to tighten the neck joint far tighter than it is possible to do with wood screws. Plus the fact that you can remove and reattach the neck countless times without damaging the neck heel at all.

The Neck Bolt Upgrade Kit comes with the following;

  • 4 x Zinc alloy threaded inserts
  • 4 x neck bolts of your choice
  • 1 x 4mm Allen key

Bolt options

  • 304 Stainless Steel, countersunk, Phillips flat head machine screw
  • 304 Stainless Steel, black, countersunk, Phillips flat head machine screw


Things to think about

  • Recommend hole size for threaded inserts = 5.6mm – 6.0mm, Please drill a test hole in a piece of scrap wood and see if the threaded insert fits correctly before drilling into your guitar neck.
  • The bolt length is 40mm. Please check the length of the wood screws you are currently using before attempting this installation.
  • Slanted heel designs will not work with this kit as they use two different lengths of wood screws.


Installation Method

The kit does require that the holes in your neck heel be enlarged to accept the threaded inserts.

  • Ideally, this should be done on a pillar drill with the neck held firmly in place. This allows the holes to be drilled perpendicular to the neck heel mating surface with the neck pocket of the guitar body.
  • Once the holes are drilled (depth) the inserts can be screwed into position with the 4mm Allen key provided. Care must be taken that the inserts are fitted straight so that the neck bolts can be fitted easily. 
  • Screw the threaded inserts down until they are flush with the top of the neck heel.
  • With all four threaded inserts fitted correctly, the guitar can be reassembled.
  • Slide each bolt through the neck plate or bushing and throng it into the guitar body. Thread the bolt into the insert, being careful not to cross-thread the bolt.
  • Align the neck as usual and tighten down the bolts to hold the neck in place.

304 Stainless Steel is to GB/T standard


If you would like to purchase the Neck Bolt upgrade Kit but are not confident enough to install it yourself, feel free to contact us and we can book you in for an install.


Phillips head, Black Phillips head, Slotted head


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