PCJ Walnut T90

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We don’t make many guitars here at PCJ any more, but occasionally we have an idea that needs to be built. This PCJ Walnut T90 is a good example.

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We don’t make many guitars here at PCJ any more, but occasionally we have an idea that needs to be built. This PCJ Walnut T90 is a good example.

What we’ve christened the “PCJ Walnut T90” came from research for a customer guitar a few years ago. We opted to fit a P90 Stack from Seymour Duncan in the neck of an Offset build. Pairing that with a Quarter Pound Tele pickup and some clever wiring, we ended up with a very versatile instrument. It left me with only one question. What would happen if you fitted a pair of  P90 Stacks??

Skip forward a few years and the plan started to come together. After watching the video linked on the Seymour Duncan product page, where Soren Andersen demos the sheer versatility that these two pickups could produce in his custom Yamaha Pacifica, the idea started to form that this build could work out very nicely.

The pairing of a solid 2-piece Walnut body and a Maple neck with a Rosewood fretboard creates a softer feel to the notes, while still having enough resonance to handle being driven hard.

The Gotoh/Wilkinson VSVG Vintage Tremolo, flat mounted to the body gives all the stability you need for accurate tuning while also being buttery smooth for any vibrato action you may want to throw at it.

The wiring is where the PCJ Walnut T90 really opens up.

Each P90 Stack is wired to its own CTS push/pull volume pot. Each push/pull gives series/parallel switching options. Going from a classic P90 sound to a PAF humbucker sound – both hum cancelling. It doesn’t stop there. The master tone control allows for in/out of phase switching in the middle position. At the flick of a switch, everything from a classic Tele-style single coil twang to driven Les Paul humbucker tones are possible from this one unique instrument.

A SH pickup configuration, sorted. A very good ‘Keef’ Telecaster tone, sorted. Peter Green’s Les Paul – it’s got the out-of-phase sounds sorted too.

We’re really happy with how the PCJ Walnut T90 has turned out. It looks subtle and understated, but it packs a bunch.




Solid 2-piece Walnut Body. Tru-oil finished.

With a matching Walnut control cavity plate, also Tru-oil finished.


  • Mighty Mite Strat style Maple neck with an Indian Rosewood fretboard.
  • Compound radius 9.5″ to 12″
  • 22 nickel frets
  • 25.5″ scale length
  • Width at nut – 41.28mm
  • Width at 22nd fret – 55.56mm
  • Single-action truss rod.


  • CTS push/pull volume pots for both neck and bridge, wired series/parallel
  • Master tone control, CTS push/pull wired for in/out of phase in the middle position, 0.022uF Paper in Oil Tone Cap
  • CRL 3-way lever switch.
  • Switchcraft open jack socket.


  • Matched pair of Seymour Duncan P90 Stacks, black covers.


  • Wilkinson/Gotoh VSVG Vintage tremolo system.
  • Eurosocket jack socket in Chrome
  • Gotoh Tuners in Chrome
  • Strap Lock strap buttons in Chrome
  • Tele-style Chrome control knobs.
  • Black switch tip and trem arm tip.
  • Matching Walnut control cavity plate with Chrome screws.
  • Strung with Ernie Ball Slinky 10-42 set
  • Comes with Allen keys and the Wilkinson tremolo adjustment tool, strap lock ends for your guitar strap, and a polishing cloth.

The PCJ Walnut T90 comes in a brand new Fender classic Tweed Hardcase to finish off the classic look of this great guitar.

Information regarding the intonation process for the VSVG tremolo can be downloaded here.

If you would prefer a different string gauge or specific setup for this guitar, or if you have any other questions, please contact us.


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