Sustainiac Stealth PRO OEM Board

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Attention Guitar Builders!

The Sustainiac Stealth PRO OEM Board is here!

Previously only available to OEM manufacturers, these boards are now available for custom builds or serious retrofits.


Attention Guitar Builders!

The Sustainiac Stealth PRO OEM Board is here!

Previously only available to OEM manufacturers, these boards are now available for custom builds or serious retrofits. 

The OEM boards have been used for over 20 years by guitar manufacturers such as Jackson and Schecter. These boards are electrically identical to the retrofit boards found in the standard kits. The OEM board has been widened to allow the Sustainiac toggle switches to be mounted directly to the board. Removing the need for any soldering. 

The main advantage of this form of installation is that the hookup is far easier. It also eliminates the issue of incorrect wire placement within the control cavity which can cause electrical crosstalk and squealing.

Much like the AUX boards, also offered by Sustainiac, the number of soldering connections is about half that of a traditional installation. 

But there is always a compromise. The OEM board is normally too big for most guitar control cavities. This means that either a large addition needs to be made to the original cavity or a separate Sustainiac cavity needs to be routed to position the toggle switches in the optimum position.

The OEM board is also designed for guitars with a Humbucker bridge pickup.

Due to the shape and toggle position on the board, it is highly advisable that these OEM boards are used for flat-topped bodies. An installation on a guitar with a contoured top would be very hard to achieve. In these cases, a retrofit board install is advised.

With the toggle switch mounted directly to the board, it also means that these kits are ‘toggle switch only’. There is no Push/Pull pot install option with the OEM boards.

With the popularity of the Sustainiac Stealth PRO system increasing each year, Sustainiac are now releasing these OEM boards for sale.

These OEM boards are really aimed more at the custom guitar maker rather than someone who wants to drop a Sustainiac Stealth Pro kit into an existing guitar. Adding a cavity suitable for the OEM board at the design phase is far simpler than having to retrofit a board of this size into a guitar. Having said that, it’s totally possible!

The trade-off of additional routing for a much simpler electrical hookup is definitely something to consider with these OEM kits. 

The Sustainiac Stealth Pro OEM Board Kit includes:

  • Your choice of Sustainiac Stealth PRO Humbucker or Single-Coil Driver, in your choice of Black or White. 7-string options are also available.
  • Main Sustainiac Stealth Pro OEM board
  • 9 Volt battery clip.
  • Separate 25K Drive pot for toggle switch installs, available on request.
  • Open Stereo Output Jack.
  • Additional wires, heat-shrink tubing and zip-ties.
  • The installation guide can be downloaded from the link below. A Wiring Schematic for your specific instrument’s pickup and switch configuration will be added to your kit prior to shipping.

Optional extras: (At additional cost)

Please add your guitar make and model to the delivery note during checkout. This will allow us to send you the closest wiring schematic to your specific guitar.

Please Read:

There are a few things that need to be considered when planning a Sustainiac Stealth PRO Humbucker installation. While most standard installs are quite straightforward if you follow the installation instructions, there are a few things that can cause problems. There are some instruments that do not take a Sustainiac Stealth PRO Humbucker installation well.

Trying to get the system to function correctly could be a long, frustrating job. For that reason, we highly recommend that you email us before ordering to discuss the guitar’s configuration first. You can get in touch through the Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to help.

We can advise you on different options regarding the controls, as well as optimal placements for the control board and battery. There is also a list of FAQs on our sister site, Infinity Guitar Works where we talk about some of the various install options available and some of the most frequent do’s and don’t’s.

If you would like to double-check any information before ordering, please fill in our Sustainiac inquiry form and we advise you about your installation. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us through the Contact Us page on our site.

For information about how to install the Sustainiac Stealth PRO OEM Board into your guitar, please download the Sustainiac install guide.

If you would like to check the dimensions on the OEM board for your installation, please download the schematic here.

Driver Type

Single-Coil, Humbucker, 7-string Single-coil, 7-string Humbucker


Black, White


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