Sustainiac Stealth PRO – 7 String Single Coil


Give your guitar the power of infinite sustain!

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Sustainiac Stealth PRO – 7 string Single Coil Driver

Sustainiac sustain systems are engineered to give you controllable, reliable feedback sustain every time. The feedback sustain that you get with a Sustainiac sustainer is much more intense and predictable than you get from your amplifier. What’s more, you get this reliable feedback sustain at any volume setting, – even with the amplifier volume turned down to zero, or when going “direct” into a mixer board in the studio. The intensity and harmonics of the sustained string vibration are adjustable with controls on the sustainers.

The only thing that you hear with a Sustainiac sustainer is your pure unprocessed pickup signal. You can then add other standard effects to the signal path as you please. The signal that goes through the Sustainiac sustainer is applied only to the strings themselves.

A Sustainiac sustainer has a unique effect. All other effects process your pickup signal (reverb, chorus, etc.), then you listen to the resulting processed signal. Sustainers are different. A sustainer is the only effect that operates directly on the strings of the instrument. The actual string vibrations of the instrument are sustained indefinitely. They don’t die out until you want them to, or until the power is turned off.

The Sustainiac Kit includes:

  • Sustainiac Stealth PRO 7 String Single Coil driver, in Black.
  • Sustainiac control board
  • Your voice of mini toggle switches (also available in black or gold, at an additional cost), Push/Pull Pots, a mixture of the two.  Alternatively, you could choose one of the AUX board options.
  • 9 Volt battery clip
  • Wire Harnesses, one 10-pin connector and one 8-pin connector..
  • Separate 25K Drive pot for toggle switch installs, available on request.
  • Stereo Output Jack
  • Additional wires, heat-shrink tubing and zip-ties.
  • Installation guide and Wiring Schematic for your specific instrument’s configuration.

Optional extras: (At additional cost)

  • 9 volt battery box (requires routing installation).
  • Push/Push Pot upgrade available for the Push/Pull install.
  • Alternatively, you could choose one of the AUX board options.

All additional options can be either selected below or found in our Components section of the Shop.


Please Read:

There are a few things that need to be considered when planning a Sustainiac Stealth PRO installation. While most standard installs are quite straight forward if you follow the installation instructions, there are a few things that can cause problems. There are some instruments that do not take a Sustainiac Stealth PRO install well. Trying to get the system to function correctly could be a long, frustrating job. For that reason, we highly recommend that you email into us before ordering to discuss the guitar’s configuration first.

We can advise you on different options regarding the controls, as well as optimal placements for the control board and battery. There is also a list of FAQs on our sister site, Infinity Guitar Works were we talk about some of the various install options available and some of the most frequent do’s and don’t’s.

Please fill in our order form and we will send you a quote.

Additional information

Bridge Pickup Type

Humbucker, Single Coil


Mini Toggle Switch, Push/Pull Pots


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